Posted 29 March 2016

With both Romeo and Juliet and the staff production of Dr Seuss Stories well and truly wrapped - time to say thanks to all of you who supported these productions. Dr Seuss was a successful fundraiser for HCYT's activities - emphasis on Fun. And also the occasion of Libby's first performance after all these years. 

The 22 strong Offstage cast of Romeo and Juliet did themselves and their director Kelly,  proud - in spite of the weather which cancelled one show and interrupted others. But the outdoor setting is so spectacular - it is worth the risk. Thanks to Marian Rocco for her heroic efforts in costuming yet another Shakespeare - this time in Renaissance dress. The photos are n the archive to remind us how splendid the actors looked. And thanks once again to Fiona and Kelly who make this all possible for these talented young actors.

One of the audience commented:

This show was amazing! We absolutely loved it and we're so impressed on every level! The actors completely understood it - and as a result, the performances were so convincing. Direction, costumes, lighting, music - all so good and such a special night out to sit under the stars and be immersed in some Shakespeare. Congratulations - and thank you for such a treat.

Until next time!

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